Henk van Os

Henk van Os

After twenty years of education (engineering, economics and marketing) and twenty years of management (engineering, sales, logistics and purchasing), I decided that the next twenty years I would dictate my own agenda. It was 1995 and eager to fulfil my ambitions I became self-employed.

As a business consultant I supported management and project teams and fulfilled interim jobs and training assignments. The development of innovative business concepts has my special interest. It often resulted in implementing challenging management models.

During the years my focus shifted from resource management and cooperation to strategy and communication. That is loosily related to the fact that I took time to study philosophy, the fine arts and storytelling, to write a few books, to create thousands of digital images and to design stylish products on request.

With hindsight I conclude that gradually I allowed design and art related projects to take more and more of my time. This might be business wise not very smart and it always brings me in trouble when asked for my present occupation, but what the heck ... it's fun! ... And above all ... The things I do are felt to be (leading to) the things I have to do. That's close to fulfilment, isn't it? Yeah ... Life is QOMIC!





Er zullen geen nieuwe edities van De Kunstmanifestatie plaatsvinden. Hiervoor in de plaats zal op zondag 13 mei het nieuwe evenement KLEO plaatsvinden. Dit is de eigentijdse opvolger van De Kunstmanifestatie. Het is niet mogelijk om u hiervoor aan te melden als kunstenaar. We hopen u toch te mogen begroeten op deze dag vanaf 14.00 uur in het hart van Geijsteren voor een dag met kunst en cultuur onder het genot van een hapje en een drankje. Kijk voor meer informatie op: